Virgin Australia’s Hilarious Billion Point Giveaway

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Virgin Australia’s Velocity program is offering a 15% bonus when you convert points from their partner programs to Velocity. That’s actually not a terribly exciting promotion, though the marketing surrounding it is hilarious. Basically, Virgin Australia is claiming that this was intended to be a million point giveaway, but that an intern screwed it up and instead made it a billion point giveaway.

Of course this is all made up since you’re just getting a 15% bonus on the points you transfer, so it’s not like you’re getting a certain percentage of a million (or a billion) points. I suppose that if people transfer 6.5 billion points to Velocity then they are indeed “giving away” a billion points, though in the process they’d be getting an insane amount of revenue for the transferred points. So they could have just as easily called it a trillion point giveaway. As explained in the terms & conditions:

Is this a competition to win a share of a billion points?

No, this is the Velocity 15% bonus promotion – it just looks a little different. Move your reward points from one of our participating partners to Velocity by 31 May 2017, and you will receive 15% bonus Velocity Points on top of the Velocity points you move. Plus, if you move your points from ANZ during May, you’ll receive 50% bonus Velocity Points. That’s an additional 35%, on top of the 15% bonus


While the promotion as such is quite boring, they have a great sense of humor. Virgin Australia uploaded a series of videos surrounding the promotion, which are worth a watch:

On one hand I find the marketing and campaign as such to be hilarious, though at the same time I also find it to be bizarrely misleading. There is no million or even billion point giveaway. Virgin Australia is just offering a 15% transfer bonus, and those numbers have nothing to do with it.

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