Chinese man applies to women university in search of girlfriend

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Share Tweet Email China has the most bias sex ratios because of a preference for boys. PHOTO COURTESY: TWITTER/trivialtony
An eighteen year old from Eastern China applied to the China Women’s University in Beijing in search of finding a girlfriend, Yangtze Evening News reported.
“It will be easier to find a girlfriend,” he said. The women university has a tradition of accepting at least one man every year.
The student who could not be identified ignited a debate on gender imbalance after a video of him discussing his goal went viral and was circulated on social media.
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China has the most bias sex ratios because of a preference for boys. Some provinces have 130 young boys for every 100 girls. According to official data, tens of millions of men won’t be able to find a wife in the coming years.
“This school has many girls – if [I] can study here there won’t be a problem finding a companion,” he says in the video, which was filmed by a student and posted online with the university’s permission.
According to reports, he had passed the interview stage of the university’s enrollment process.
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“My father told me to be careful … he doesn’t want his son to change too much from being in an environment surrounded by women,” he was quoted by the newspaper.
The All-China Women’s Federation established this university which takes 1,500 students every year. The courses offered range from law, finance and business management to foreign languages.

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